Wishing to have more advantages to support the management and operation of the fleet better. Based infrastructure are available of AIS equipment on ship. After a long period of research and selection of the most approriate solution, we deployed and put into use the Management, ship cruise monitoring by AIS, with the name: AIS-Google.

By receiving AIS data from the collection stations along the beach, the islands in Vietnam and the world, through the server is processing all this data and displaying on Google map  so we have supported and improved the efficiency for all users … With this Application, the users can know more information about there ships are working, know the image, the technical specifications of ship, ship nationality, the ship’s arrival time, information move of ship will be updated continuously or the users can install it on the computer so that the program will send automatically email ship’s information has arrived / reached at a location that the user pre-selects.

The information details of ship that the user can know from our AIS-google applications:

+ Vessel Name
+ Callsign
+ Type
+ Size
+ Flag
+ Status.
+ Position (Lat/Lon)
+ Course
+ Heading
+ Speed
+ ETD. 

This informations updated automatically and continuously within 2-5 minutes on the website.

The application also helps to save information for many years include some informations: where is the day of ship in the past, the exact location, speed direction, status … at that time.

Photos of AIS-Google application from our Website: